Inocam seeks to promote and improve the productivity of Andalusian agricultural, industrial and forestry farms, and facilitate excellence in professional and domestic care of gardens and swimming pools, providing personalized solutions to our clients, by supplying equipment and machinery appropriate to their needs. .


To be the reference company for the supply of the agricultural-forestry and garden sector in Andalusia, and to be a pioneer in the digital transformation of the sector.


  • Quality and immediacy: The quality of our products and their availability as a maximum goal. Innovation: Always looking for innovation in the product that allows the best development of the activity of our clients. Brand: The brand value of our products guarantees the desired quality. Trust: Inocam works at all times to generate a relationship of trust with its clients, providing continuous communication channels to resolve all questions that may arise. Experience: We have a long history in the agricultural sector. Personalized service: We prioritize service to our customers, giving an immediate response to all questions that may arise and advising on their purchases, adapting their needs to the best product.